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7 Hot Gigs for 2020 on Fiverr


Fiver just released their top-trending job search for the first quarter of 2020 and identified the most sought after freelance services that are booming in the online world.

1. SEO

If you have the knowledge to help entrepreneurs and small business owners increase organic traffic to their website, then Fiver is the place to advertise your expertise.

2. WordPress

This platform continues to grow in popularity and along with it, so does the demand for designers, developers and digital marketing professionals with WordPress experience. Start promoting yourself on Fiverr today.

3. Instagram Promotion

The Shoutout has grown into an in demand business. Like Instagram ads, Instagram promotions allow users to promote existing posts and stories to reach new audiences. Businesses are looking to expand their social media strategy in 2022 and are looking for people who can develop Instagram promotions. If this sounds like your kind of gig, check out Fiverr.

4. Essay Writing

Writing continues to be a highly sought after skill in 2022 and many buyers are looking for high-quality academic writers who can research, reference facts and statistics and write with a professional tone. If this is your niche then there is a great demand for your services at fiverr.

5. Logo Animation

If you can bring a logo to life through motion graphics and animation, then there are clients who are looking for your help. Fiver is a great place to offer your service to businesses who are looking for animated logos for social media campaigns and video promotion.

6. Vector Tracing

Using vector software to design vector image files for clients is becoming more and more popular at Fiverr. If you can take a PDF logo, resize it and add it to a brochure, or create animation to add to a customer’s branding, then you should be selling on Fiverr.

7. Social Media Management

This is an area that continues to grow almost exponentially. Customers are looking for people who are creative with social media campaigns and can increase viewers and online engagement. If you are a freelancer with social media management skills, then you need to be advertising on Fiverr.

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