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What Does an Affiliate Marketer Do

Acting as an Affiliate Marketer, you make a commitment with a vendor to sell their goods or services. You then promote their products, usually with ads through social media or a website, that links back to that vendor. If they get any customers through you, you earn a percentage of their profit. Sounds simple. Has a very low startup cost. And you don’t have to stock the product. The only investment you make is your time. Sounds too good to be true. Right? That’s a loaded question. Yes, it is a very good business if you know what you are doing and one out of every twelve people that choose to be an affiliate marketer is successful. But, the other eleven barely turn a profit let alone make enough to support that alternative lifestyle we all dream about. It takes more than time. It takes a good business plan, it takes research, education and know-how and it takes dedication and passion for what you are doing and what you are marketing. Sign up and follow my blog as I break down some of the pitfalls you will face. We will look at some of the ways you can tweak your advertising to bring in more sales and explain how to handle some of those lessons you learn the hard way.

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